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Are you wondering how you can spend your lazy afternoon? Are you planning to have a movie marathon with your friends? Are you on the hunt for watching movies for your movie marathon? Then you must look for the Tamil movies that are trending and are also worth watching for your time.

You find all the trending and hit lists of movies that you can add for your movie marathon on the ahaplatform. Movies from all different genres are available on the popular OTT platform. You can either watch these online movies or you can also download them and watch them later. 

A few of the trending movies on the platform are:


Plot OfMadhurey

The story of the movie Madhurey is based on a vegetable vendor who has been seen to be taking care of an older woman along with her two daughters. However, as the plot progress, it is seen that the dark past of the vendor catches upon and greatly impacts all their lives.

Watch the movie to know more about what is up with the vegetable vendor and what events caught up with him. The rest of the movie answers tough questions, such as how he deals with the situation and what is the true reason for the occurrence.


Plot OfKusi

This hit movie is about the story of Jenny and Shiva, who were very good college friends. But due to several occurrences, this duo parted ways. After parting their way, they realize they are deeply in love with each other and cannot live separately.

Watch the series to know what is getting in there and stopping the duo from getting back together. The rest of the movie deals with a question such as what are the problems that the love-lost duo faces and how they overcome them. It is a romantic movie with several intense emotional scenes strategically placed throughout the movie.

Watch the best Tamil Movies Worth Watching on aha.

If you are searching for movies to watch for your movie marathon, then you must hop right onto aha, a popular Tamil movies app that features content according to your liking from different genres. From great action sequences to heartwarming love stories, watch it all on aha.